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I&E Internship Program

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What is it?

  • The Innovation & Enterprise (I&E) Internship Programme aims to nurture local talent for the Singapore ecosystem and to provide learning experience for Singaporean talent and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

  • Interns would be given the opportunity to be attached to ETPL (A*STAR’s commercialisation arm), the Diagnostic & Development Hub (DxD Hub), or to start-ups at A*StartCentral and other A*STAR start-up companies during the internship period where they would: 

    • Gain exposure to the commercialization process - from assessment of technologies and market opportunities to commercializing of technologies/products.
    • Gain exposure to the process of translating a tech-idea into a product and business.
    • Gain insights into the work and challenges faced by start-up enterprises.
    • Build awareness of local I&E ecosystem, available resources and networks with the local I&E ecosystem.

I&E Workshop Entrepreneurship Track Commercialization Track
I&E Workshop to provide scholars and interns with an introduction and overview of innovation and enterprise in Singapore. 

Topics covered could include: 
  • Overview of Singapore’s RIE landscape.
  • Overview of ETPL, IP management, technology commercialisation and start-up incubation.
  • Ideation, business development and other entrepreneurship essentials.

The workshop content may vary with workshop partners, likely to be a standard or customised programme offered by NUS, NTU, SMART etc. 
Attachment at selected A*StartCentral resident members, A*STAR start-ups or DxD Hub to provide exposure to development of tech/science-based product, the process of translating a tech-idea into a product and a business, and to provide insights into the work and challenges faced by start-up enterprises. 

Typical assignments* may include: 
  • Projects involving technical work, product development, prototyping, testing and validation
  • Landscape study and analysis for market, IP, regulatory requirements
  • Assist with animal/clinical trial management
  • Assist start-ups with their operations, marketing, fund-raising, partnering efforts.

Attachment at ETPL Commercialisation Division to provide exposure to the commercialization process, from assessment of technologies and market opportunities to commercializing of technologies/products. 

Typical assignments* may include: 
  • Perform market research on specific technologies to support Technology Disclosures and evaluation
  • Prepare Tech Offers / Teasers for new technologies
  • Assist with Technology Intelligence and competitive Intelligence for Market & Technology due diligence for TDs and commercialisation playbook bets
  • Assist with scoping of GAP development projects

Additional Learning Components
  1. E-learning: Basic IP management and contracts
  2. Various talks and workshops at ASC.
  3. Networking and exposure to I&E ecosystem, RIs, start-ups, technology productisation partners
Duration  (estimated) 2 days   3 – 6 months  3 – 6 months
Target Audience  Singaporeans from local or overseas universities during summer break or as part of semester attachment programme

Participating I&E internship hosts for 2018:

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What Internships are available?

No. Name of Internship Host Available Internship Positions
1 Advanced Ophthalmic Innovations Pte Ltd
  • Research Project Intern
2 CLOP Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Engineering & Business Executive Intern
3 Diagnostic Development Hub
  • Project Management Intern
  • Technician Intern
4 ESPxMedia
  • Software Development Intern
5 Exploit Technologies
  • Commercialisation Intern
  • Incubation & Startup Management Intern
  • Intellectual Property Management Intern
6 LionTCR Pte Ltd
  • Marketing Intern
  • Lab Intern
7 Lucence Diagnostics
  • Medical Technologist
  • Commercialisation Executive
8 Medisix Pte Ltd
  • Research Analyst
9 Origgin Pte Ltd
  • Marketing and Project Researcher
10 Sentient,io Pte Ltd
  • Project Assistant Programmer

Call to action


Send an email indicating your interest with the following information to internship@etpl.sg :

  1. Availability period – start and end date
  2. Select up to 3 preferred internship positions in order of preference
  3. Attach your resume
  4. You will be contacted for an interview if shortlisted