Floor Plan of Exhibits

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AI / Analytics

AI Chipset/Platform for IoT Devices (Booth 3) Low-power, high-performance chipset  optimised  for deep learning algorithms.
  AMPOTECH PTE LTD  (Booth 8) Non-invasive sensing technology to provide real-time circuit-level energy usage data that can pinpoint usage in a facility.
CENSE (Booth 1) A multimodal, multilingual spoken dialogue framework system that is capable of setting up as an Interactive Voice Response system that handles natural language understanding and learning and to function as automated enquiry system.
  Crystalace  (Booth 2) Technology that recognises sarcastic or ironic expressions from general social media text messages to enhance today's sentiment analysis systems.
Deep Learning 2.0 (Booth 13) The Deep Learning 2.0 program is focused on 10x research problems in DL software algorithms and hardware, and next-generation applications ranging from medical imaging to IoT. Learn more about how the technologies being developed in this program can give your company an edge.
Opsis Emotion A.I.  (Booth 7) Opsis technology enables continuous analysis of facial expressions for fine-grained emotion recognition.   

FITPRISE UCA  (Booth 10) Cloud-based software technology platform that provides effective development of web-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.
Kooki  +  JobTech  (Booth 9) Optimised AI analytics engine for matching jobs to applicants. 
Behaviour Analytics (Booth 4) Text mining analytics engine with Thai and Bahasa Indonesia support.
MILKie (Booth 12) Optical laser milk analyser to do fast measurements of fats, total solids and proteins with data connectivity to process payments for farmers.
People Analytics
IHPC, A*STAR (Booth 15)
A  Cognitively-Inspired AI technology that interprets real world observations about people and uncovers their behaviours, preferences and choices, to gain critical advantage through a deeper understanding of the human psyche.
RYKER LABS  (Booth 6) A showcase of Ryker's vision of an intelligent environment and a proof of concept of its first ubiquitous product, Ryker Infinity Switch. 
SENTIENT.IO (Booth 5) AI Micro services for easy application development. Technologies include Automatic Speech Recognition , Text-to-Speech , Voice Biometrics and Dialogue Systems .
XSMART- CROSS PLATFORM DATA EXCHANGE  (Booth 11) X-Smart Platform is a data platform with data aggregation and analytical exchanges he capabability to incorporate, manage and analyze information that can illustate for a much more rational bird's eye view of the data and its procured insight

Digital Healthcare

JN MEDSYS  (Booth 43) JN Medsys redefines digital PCR by simplifying DNA quantification with chip-in-a-tube technology.
HIPPTox for chemical safety assessment (Booth 42) Highly accurate and efficient assessment of safety and efficacy of unknown chemical compounds using  novel phenotypic profiling platform .
Smart Patch  (Booth 45) In this work, we present a portable, practical and cost-effective sensor patch which can be universally applied to all patients to prevent the extravasations injuries.
SoundEye  (Booth 44) Providing emergency monitoring solution by detecting abnormal sound and motion for workspace safety, eldercare and etc. Removes the need for wearing any device, provides an easy way to trigger and verify alert.
Brain Computer Interface
(Booth 41)
Mind-machine interfacing  that ushers in new developments of mental health monitoring, gaming and other brain-related issues.
 Multiple organ perfusion system
 (Booth 46)
A perfusion system for isolating individual cells from isolated organs such as mouse, rat or guinea pig heart, liver and other organs 
 AI Interpretation of Pathology Image  (Booth 47) Artificial intelligence is entering clinical in the near future. Singapore local research institutions and enterprises are reassembling for the challenges 
Carelibration  (Booth 49) Informed caregiving reduces healthcare cost and caregiver burden 
Cardiowerkz (Booth 48) Cardiowerkz is a computer-aided diagnosis platform that allows efficient and quantitative assessment of a broad range of cardiovascular conditions based on cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) data

 Intelligent Medical Image Analytics (Booth 50) Technology for automatic assessment of eyelid health and accurate diagnostics for ocular surface disease, combining computer image processing techniques and software analysis methods.
  PDT Antimicrobial 
Photosensitiser Coat
(Booth 51)
G3 Blue Technology   has developed a photosensitiser that is known to be the only reusable surface coating that kills pathogens and has developed a multitude of products and solutions that include medical masks and improving air quality.  The company has successfully adapted the  photosensitiser  to disintegrate airborne formaldehyde and has a joint project with A*STAR to combine the adsorption technique to create the world's first and only disinfectant that adsorbs and disintegrates airborne formaldehyde.

Media / AR

(Booth 17)
Intelli-Signage is a user-friendly signage solution compromising of touch screen system with remote monitoring and data analytics. 
 Automatic Speech Recognition (Booth 15) Scalable Speech-to-Text  tops in US NIST benchmarks for conversion of speech to text. 
   Carbonate HR Management System
(Booth 20)
Web and Mobile based HR system which includes rostering, attendance tracking and employee benefits on demand.
ESPxCloud Live Video Platform
(Booth 22)
Cloud Video Platform that provides a turnkey, white-labelled Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) and cost effective global cloud video management and delivery platform. 
  Flexible Printed Electronics  
(Booth 23)
Flexible hybrid electronic combines the power of silicon ICs and flexible electronics to enable advanced, stretchable and conformable application.
iTRY: A Fitting Room
in Your Hand
(Booth 28)
A mobile app by Ayne that allows users to try the clothes virtually on their own image for e-commerce applications. 
(Booth 21)
JusSnap is a cross-platform mobile app which allows you to retrieve information from images.   
 Natural Speech Synthesis 
(Booth 16)
Natural Speech Synthesis  converts text into natural sounding speech. 
Nippon Closure Co.
Smart Closure Center
(Booth 19)
Innovation Hub exploring solutions to capping challenges in drink beverages.
(Booth 24)
Pocket Trips also allows you to create your own location-based mobile trails.
 Remote Assistance Platform (I2R) 
(Booth 25)
A video streaming infrastructure that allows collaboration between people over the internet or local WIFI connection. 
 RFID Inventory Tracking Management
(Booth 18)
A plug & play and affordable RFID/Barcode-based system for managing and tracking of inventory and assets. 
(Booth 26)
Unifying the Ecosystem for Collaborative Advertising for SMEs
(SME Tech Alliance. IOT ecosystem.)

Security / Connectivity

CyberSAGE security
assessment tool
(Booth 32)
CyberSAGE software supports holistic security assessment for complex systems.
(Booth 30)
Multi Gigabits wireless connectivity for Smart Surveillance, Transportation, and Buildings.
Tunity Technologies  
(Booth 33)
A cost-effective plug and play RFID package that revolutionises resource management.
(Booth   31)
Super Wi-Fi solutions that have long range and excellent penetration capabilities, thus, saving cost and deployment time for IoT and Rural Internet applications.
(Booth 29)
Voice Biometrics  enables the use of speaker voice profiles for authentication.

A*STAR / Partners

(Booth 36)
Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL) is the marketing and commercialization arm of A*STAR. It  manages the intellectual property portfolio of A*STAR’s research institutes and centres. It also does promotion of the institutes’ research capabilities and facilitates the efficient transfer of A*STAR’s technologies to the industry, ensuring effective translation to tangible products and services.
SME Office (A*STAR)  
(Booth 35)
A*STAR provides support to the local enterprises in different ways, from long-term R&D with industry groups to R&D that helps to enhance the technology competence of individual companies.
(Booth 34)
Archisen democratises urban farming and food access via IoT, automation and data analytics.  
  Amazon Web Service
(Booth 38)
From the spark of an idea, to your first customer, to IPO and beyond, let Amazon Web Services help you build and grow your startup. To support A*Star ETPL Startups, attendees of Media Exploits will be able to apply for an exclusive AWS program to receive promotional credits, business and technical essentials training, credits for self-paced labs and 1-on-1 architecture reviews. This program is exclusive to the event and is intended for startups/entrepreneurs just starting to build out a concept/prototype. Further, company/idea is likely less than one year old. We will assess the eligibility upon application.
Prove Your Mettle 
(Booth 40)
Startup-O is a Singapore-based venture building platform that curates promising tech startups to enable their growth with Seed Capital & Global Expert Network. Startups could participate from any location to get discovered, get amplified and get funded in under 10 weeks based on assessments by multiple experts & decision-making algorithms. The platform has collaboration with Singapore-based Javelin wealth management fund and is also supported by IP bridge from Japan. 
(Booth 37)
Origgin and Enlop are Singapore-based investment holding companies that seek quality investments with existing high potential startups enabling their growth. Work is also done with large MNCs to incubate new startups that work on deep tech in various industries like AI, packaging and logistics.
  STT Connect
Your Cloud, Your Way 
(Booth 39)
Cloud Computing is vital to helping enterprises of all sizes compete in today’s software economy. STT Connect builds and operates web scale clouds built using an industry-leading technology that helps unlock your business agility without vendor lock-in. STT Connect will offer credits and advisory on virtual private cloud services exclusively to all the Media Exploits participants.