Chik Wai Chiew, Co-founder and Director, JCSVL

Mr Chik is the Co-founder and Director of JCSVL. He has over 20 years of experience in private and public equity investments, strategy and business development with global companies and organisations based in New York, Geneva, Shanghai and Singapore. His investment experience spans multiple industries and geographies, including Alibaba (China, e- commerce), Tudou (China, media), Visa Inc (US, technology), BR Properties (Brazil, real estate), Param Mitra Coal Resources (Indonesia, resources), Ednovation (Singapore, education), Healthway Medical Enterprises (Singapore, healthcare ) etc. In the start-up space, Wai Chiew served on the boards of GNum Pte Ltd, Reka Health Pte Ltd and Greenlots Pte Ltd, to guide business transformation and fundraising strategies. In 2013, he oversaw GNum’s effort to raise what was believed to be the largest ever seed round investment in Singapore at that time.

Mr Chik was previously Partner at Tembusu Partners, a Singapore-based private equity fund manager with S$300m AUM investing in venture capital / private equity deals across Asia. He oversaw all staff across Tembusu’s offices, led investment origination and execution, and drove investment performance through value creation. He has also substantially enhanced fund management processes and governance.

Mr Chik has also served as Chief Representative and General Manager of Temasek’s Shanghai office leading investments, portfolio management and strategic relations in China. Before his stint in Shanghai, he helped build up Temasek’s billion dollar investment portfolio in Latin America within 2 years.

Mr Chik began his career with Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) where he held various positions in strategic planning, industry development, and international operations at EDB’s New York office. He has also enjoyed a stint at the non-profit World Economic Forum, undertaking India and China research and scenario planning projects which were presented at the Annual Event at Davos.

Mr Chik was awarded the Glaxo-EDB scholarship and holds a BA in Economics from Cambridge University, MA from Yale University, and EMBA (conducted in Mandarin) from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business based in China.

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Han Kuan Juan, Assistant Vice President, Digital Technologies, ETPL

Kuan Juan is a passionate technologist and has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. His current responsibilities in ETPL include engaging industry partners to adopt and commercialise digital technologies from A*STAR research institutes. Some of the recent technologies he is working on are in the fields of artificial intelligence, data analytics and knowledge management.

Previously, Kuan Juan worked in several industries and also co-founded a start-up. Prior to ETPL, he worked in the civil aviation industry where he was responsible for technology roadmaps and programmes to improve safety, efficacy and efficiency. Before that, Kuan Juan was with ST Engineering where he worked with its business units in the electronics, marine, land systems and aerospace domains on innovations, technology plans and several key projects. Prior to this, Kuan Juan co-founded a startup and spent 7 years heading its operations and engineering & development, developing proprietary products serving the energy saving/ef ficiency markets in the U.S. and Europe. His other earlier experiences are in product development, system integration and project management involving the electronics, electrical and info-communication fields. 

Kuan Juan has a postgraduate diploma in software engineering (data communications) and a bachelor degree in electrical engineering.

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Jeremy Heng, Co-founder, Xjera Labs

Jeremy is a co-founder of Xjera Labs. He is responsible for the overall strategic business directions of the Company and partnership role with system integrators and customers. Jeremy has more than 20 years of investment, startup and technology management experience. Prior to Xjera , Jeremy held various M&A and fund management roles in MNCs such as Gemalto, Infineon, Temasek Holdings and NSTB. Jeremy was a key member of the New Business Division of the National Science & Technology Board (now called A*STAR), where he was responsible for the technopreneurship programmes under the Government‘s US$1 billion Technopreneurship 21 (T21) initiative. He graduated from NUS with a B. Eng (Hon) and obtained his MBA from NTU, graduating on the Dean Honour List.

XJERA LABS Pte Ltd (“ Xjera ”) is a company focused on revolutionary smart video content analytics (VCA) by implementing learning-based VCA for various commercial applications. XJERA is currently collaborating with Nvidia and IDA to use GPU to enhance the accuracy and performance of video analytics.

XJERA provides highly accurate and robust video analytics solutions to its customers who have very specific and high-performance requirements that most products are not able to meet.

XJERA participated in IDA’s first ever video analytics challenge for face anonymization in challenging crowded scenarios. We obtained a Recall Rate of 96.8% and a Precision rate of 76.8% with an overall score of 90.8%. XJERA emerged as the winner for this challenge, beating teams from universities, research centres and industry and proving its video analytics to be the best in Singapore.

The team comprises leading scientists with PhDs from top universities, technical advisors with key expertise in Deep Learning and Video Analytics and industry veterans with a wide network and years of experience. XJERA received angel funding in 2015 and is revenue generating.

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Sim Yew Hing, Assistant Vice President, Electronics and Data Systems, ETPL

Sim Yew Hing has 35 years of experience in the IT industry, covering both hardware and software industry. Most recently Yew Hing had worked in Western Digital for 10 years as the APAC Director of Customer Engineering, prior to joining A*STAR’s Commercialization Division, ETPL as Asst. Vice President. He was closely involved in launching 2.5” product at WD and have successfully designed in at all major OEMs. Other work experiences include being the Managing Director of J.D. Edwards for South Asia, an ERP software company and also a Warburg Pincus/EDB funded dot com start up as CEO.

His current responsibilities in the Electronics and Data Systems cluster in A*STAR includes identifying key technologies to focus on and productization of key technologies.

Yew Hing majored in Electronics and Communications Engineering.


Anuj Jain, Co-founder and CEO, Startup-O

Anuj is passionate about entrepreneurship and its power to create  lasting value. He has rich experience in ‘Venture Building’ with large  FMCG MNCs and Technology Startups. A strong proponent of the ‘Pay it  Forward’ philosophy, he actively shares his knowledge and experience  with brave young startups.

Anuj is driven by the vision of Startup-O platform to democratise innovation by enabling every promising tech startup in Asia to succeed with a ‘Fast & Efficient’ connect to strategic capital, global experts  & critical resources. He is a strong contributor to Singapore & SEA  startup ecosystem, and as such, he has a deep understanding of pain  areas for both startups and angel investors. He has trained over 160  Asian startups via a series of structured bootcamps with LITHAN   Academy, as well as mentored many others at JFDI, SMU and INSEAD. 

Anuj has deep ‘Go To Market’ know-how across 14 Asian markets from  ‘Japan to Jakarta’.  He gained a wealth of experience in his career  spanning across companies like Procter & Gamble, Glaxo Smithkline  Beecham, WIPRO, BIC and in Tech Startup world with successful scaling  of a Jungle Venture portfolio startup in F&B SaaS domain before he  co-founded Startup-O in 2016.

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Ang Kai Keng, PhD, Deputy Department Head, Senior Scientist, NBT, I2R ASTAR

Kai Keng received his B.A.Sc. (First Class Hons.) and his Ph.D. degrees in computer engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is currently the Deputy Department Head of Neural & Biomedical Technology, Head of Brain-Computer Interface Laboratory and Senior Scientist with the Institute for Infocomm Research, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore. He is also an Adjunct Asst. Prof. in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His current research interests include brain–computer interfaces, computational intelligence, machine learning, pattern recognition, and signal processing.

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Joel Ko Hyun Sik, Co-founder and CEO, Marvelstone Ventures

Joel aims to invest and incubate 10,000 ideas across emerging countries and cities in order to bring sustainable and smart development to communities, including via the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. As the Managing Partner of Marvelstone Group, with a speciality in PE/VC investments, cross-border business development and M&A, he develops various businesses and accelerates portfolio companies with a focus on AI, Fintech, and Smart City innovations. Concurrently, he is the Co-founder and CEO at Marvelstone Ventures and Founding Partner at LATTICE80.

Previously, Joel was the CEO/Head of Venture Capital of Yozma Group Asia. He was in charge of leading investments in the Asian markets and building relationships with LPs. Prior to this, Joel was the Co-Founder/Managing Director at One Asia Investment Partners headquartered in Singapore and made investments in the infrastructure and finance sectors. He was also the Founder/CEO of MVG Group, a management consulting firm which advised companies on strategies.

Joel has written widely on the topic of AI, innovation, and entrepreneurship for publications including The Business Times, Yahoo, E27, and Tech in Asia and has volunteered actively as a mentor for startups at programmes such as Startupbootcamp. Joel holds an MBA from National University of Singapore Business School.

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Lee Han Boon, Senior Vice President, Digital Technologies, ETPL
Han Boon is Senior Vice President and Head of the Digital Technologies at Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), the commercialisation arm of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). He leads a team that works with industry partners to adopt and productise technologies developed at A*STAR research institutes in the fields of artificial intelligence, data analytics, autonomous systems, cyber security, the Internet of things, augmented and virtual reality, and wireless communications, for applications in a wide variety of industry verticals ranging from manufacturing and logistics, retail and commerce, to financial services and urban mobility. Han Boon and his team also work with entrepreneurial A*STAR scientists and external partners to create spin-off companies that leverage A*STAR technologies for the creation and deployment of products and services. Over the years, he has also served on grant award panels of SPRING’s Technology Enterprise Commercialisation Scheme (now known as “Startup SG Tech”) and judging panels for the National Infocomm Awards and SiTF Awards. 

Prior to joining Exploit Technologies, Han Boon has served in various research, product development and industry development capacities at SIMTech in a variety of technology areas relating to additive manufacturing, computer aided design and manufacturing, injection moulding software design, inter-enterprise integration, Web/Cloud services and service-oriented architectures. He has also participated in standardisation activities as a member of the OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation Technical Committee, and the International Alliance for Interoperability (now known as “ buildingSMART ”, the standardisation body for construction and facilities management).

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Philip Lim, CEO, A*STAR ETPL

Philip was appointed Chief Executive Officer in December 2009. ETPL manages all A*STAR IP through to commercialization as well as technology maturation and productization projects in A*STAR. Within a short time, Philip has led the company to significant improvements in performance outcomes, especially in licensing and start-ups. These have brought new impact to the technology transfer ecosystem in Singapore with emphasis on collaboration and joint programmes. 

Philip currently sits on the boards of IP Academy, CommonTown Pte Ltd and the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) Steering Committee. Philip spent 20 years with the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF). In his last appointment as Brigadier General/Head Joint Logistics, he was the leading senior specialist on logistics and engineering matters to the Chief of Defence Force. Prior to this, he was Chief of Logistics in the Army, where he led the development of SAF logistics in the areas of infrastructure, re-organisation and information technology. He was also Chief of Engineering in the Army. In that role, he was responsible for the buildup and transfer of new engineering capabilities into the rank and file of the Army. 

Philip received his MBA from the National University of Singapore in 2008 and was awarded the Chua Joon Eng Gold Medal for academic excellence. He also holds a Master of Science from Cranfield Institute of Technology in the UK and attended the Harvard Business School’s Programme for Management Development in 2001. Philip graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Hons) from the National University of Singapore. In recognition of his significant contributions to the SAF, Philip was awarded the Commendation Medal (Military) in 1995 and the Public Administration Medal, Silver (Military) in 2004. 

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Nitin Nath, Co-founder and COO, Startup-O

Nitin is a serial entrepreneur & angel investor in emerging Asian markets. His passion lies in enabling financial success for early-stage startups, which inspires through their dreams, energy and  courage.

Nitin is a firm believer in collaborative business models and is  focused on reducing information gaps in the ecosystem. He believes  that the future lies with structures that create transparency while  harnessing entrepreneurship and amplifying creativity. He has been  focusing on the middle and small-cap opportunity in financial services  in South and South East Asia since 2010.

He has spent over 12 years in senior roles with global investment  banks including responsibilities for listed products, institutional  sales, structured products and private banking coverage. In India, he  has also set up a captive for Deutsche Bank where his legacy includes  the creation of a global, process driven business organisation focused  on smaller and underserved clients using technology and process  engineering.

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Oh Ser Wah, Founder and CEO, Whizpace

Dr Oh Ser Wah is the Founder and CEO of Whizpace Pte Ltd, an A*STAR spinoff focusing on long-range wireless communication termed as TV White Space (TVWS), a.k.a. Super Wi-Fi. He is also a co-founder of another start-up, Network Genetics Pte Ltd. Before founding Whizpace, he held various positions with the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) such as Head White Space Communications Department, Advisor Smart Grid Department, Co-Director I2R-Singapore Power Joint Lab and Deputy Director Strategic Planning Office. Prior to that, he was a Technical Manager at STMicroelectronics. Ser Wah is a pioneer in TVWS where he played an instrumental role in enabling FCC and IMDA’s TVWS regulations. He is also the author of the Wiley-IEEE Press book on TVWS.

Ser Wah holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University and is the top Nanyang MBA Graduate 2009/2010.

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Shen Yiru, PhD, Assistant Vice President,  Medical Technologies, ETPL

Yiru graduated with a PhD in Physiology (Neuroscience) in 2007 from National University of Singapore and Her PhD thesis was on “Investigation and characterization of splice variations of L-type Ca2+ channel, Cav1.3, in chick basilar papilla and rat cochlear hair cells: implications in hearing”.

During her PhD graduate studies, she assisted in NIH grant writing with her collaborator in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (~ $3M approved) and she has co-written the 2006 BMRC grant writing (~ $1M approved). Title “Alternative splicing diversifies Cav1.3 channels and its molecular switch to regulate hippocampus-dependent learning and memory”. These projects could help her progress as a junior PI in NUS to fund the lab for 3 years to explore the developmental changes and genetic implications in hearing and memory loss. However, she has decided to embark a different career path from her fellow classmates to join the corporate multi-national companies to understand how basic science research could be translated into clinical outcomes.

Her first commercial experience as a Product Manager with Bio-Rad Laboratories handling Life Science instruments which are used for research laboratories and hospitals. In Bio-Rad Laboratories, she has successfully launched key products like the Bio-Rad’s multi-gel protein tanks and microchip gene analysis system in South East Asia countries. After which, she joined Abbott Molecular Diagnostics to understand the clinical diagnostics business and launched the Ibis system which has first detected first swine flu cases in the U.S and received Director’s Award for the over-achievement of Asia Pacific target. She continued her MNC journey into Sysmex Healthcare to manage both sales and distributors in Asia Pacific region and achieved year on year sales target achievement of more than $60M in Asia Pacific countries in the diagnostics business.

She is now with ETPL as a commercial officer who is handling the Brain Computer Interface portfolio. Her vision for BCI is to find the appropriate partners/entrepreneurs who believe in these EEG waveforms and translating this deep technology to unlock its potential.

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Clarence Tan, Founder and CEO,

Mr Clarence Tan is currently the founder and executive director of Origgin Pte Ltd and Enlop Pte Ltd. Both companies are established in 2017 with HQ in Singapore to fund and aid in venture creation in the region. Mr. Tan helps startups from China, Japan and Singapore to innovate and transform, or even accelerate their business expansion plans into South East Asia.

Furthermore, since October 2016, Mr Tan has been a Director of STT Connect Pte. Ltd., a private cloud service provider and a joint venture between STT GDC Pte. Ltd. (wholly-owned by Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte. Ltd.) and Origgin Pte Ltd. He has also been a director of ICMG Financial Services Pte. Ltd., a joint venture between ICMG Co., Ltd., ACA Partners Pte. Ltd. and ACA Inc., and a management consultancy company offering merger and acquisition and alliance services to Asian and Japanese enterprises, since December 2016.

Prior to this, he is the founder of GlobalRoam Group Ltd (“GR Group”), a company that primarily provides integrated communications technology to the telecommunication companies in the Southeast Asian region. GR Group was the first company in Singapore to be traded on the over-the-counter exchange managed by Phillips Securities Pte. Ltd. in 2007. Mr Tan has served as its chief executive officer since its inception in January 2001 till July 2016, when he has relinquished his role and taken up the role of executive deputy chairman until September 2016.

Mr Tan is a serial entrepreneur who started several technology start-ups since 1993. He was the Founder and CEO of Pinnz Pte Ltd from 1994 to 2000, a company which specialised in VoIP technology and the first in the region during 90’s. The company clocked in a revenue of $30m with a total headcount of over 230 employees globally. Pinnz Pte Ltd was valued at S$450 million in the year 2000 which was considered the “unicorn” during that period.

Apart from his career commitments, Mr Tan also holds key positions in other areas of society. He was awarded for participating as a Phoenix Mentor by The Phoenix Award Committee in 2002, which his main role of the Phoenix Mentor then was to mentor founders of start-ups. He has served in the Singapore People’s Association Sembawang Community Club Management Community from 2012 to 2016 and currently holds the rank of Colonel in the national service unit under the elite Guards formation in the Singapore Armed Forces (“SAF”). Mr Tan was bestowed the honour and privilege to be the Parade Commander for Singapore’s National Day Parade in 2012. He was accorded the National Day Award, The Commendation Medal (Military) and The Long Service Medal (Military), in 2010 and 2015 respectively, for his distinguished service in the SAF.

JeremyTanLiquidGroup (CROPPED).jpg
Jeremy Tan, CEO, Liquid Group

Jeremy Tan, CEO of Liquid Pay, is a well-known serial entrepreneur, thought leader and sought-after keynote speaker in the payments industry. At Liquid Pay, Jeremy’s vision is to develop a hyper-personalized consumer experience and payment platform that enables our partners to build dynamic and valuable relationships with their customers. 

Jeremy is also the founder and Chairman of Korvac Holdings, an investment holding and payments specialist company. Under Jeremy’s leadership, Korvac launched, co-invested, built and divested multiple technology companies over the past decade. Most recently, Korvac divested three companies to Wirecard Group, based in Germany. 

Jeremy serves as a board member of multiple organizations, including all the Korvac Group companies and Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd. He is also the exco member of the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), Fintech Alliance and Smart Nation Committee. Previously, he served on the Board of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (now Info-communications Media Development Authority). 

Jeremy holds a Master of Science (Comparative Politics) from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Engineering from King’s College London.

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Peter Tay, Assistant Vice President, Science and Engineering, ETPL

Peter Tay is the Assistant Vice President for Science and Engineering Division of Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), the strategic marketing and commercialization arm of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). His main responsibilities include commercializing IP assets developed by A*STAR and developing win-win licensing arrangements with A*STAR’s partners. He is currently serving on Exco of SITF Singapore Enterprise Chapter. 

Prior to joining A*STAR, Peter worked in various positions in Hewlett Packard including IP commercialisation roles in HP’s Intellectual Property Licensing (IPL) Organization and product marketing roles in the Telecom Systems Business Unit (TSBU) and Peripheral Group Asia Pacific (PGAP) Marketing Centre

Peter has also worked in various marketing positions in other companies including Singapore Telecom as well as R&D positions in Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd and AT&T Consumer Products Pte Ltd.

Chris Yeo (CROPPED).jpg
Christopher Yeo Nai Huat, Managing Partner, Redshift Capital

Chris has worked in the IT industry for 28 years, entering it after graduating with a first class honours computer science and mathematics degree. During this time, his experience ranged from creating new products to creating new companies. 

This included a software company that grew from inception in 1994 into an internationally acclaimed supply chain execution software solutions provider. This company designed and built large-scale real-time logistics systems for Fortune 500 global companies that were deployed globally. Chris was actively involved in the programming himself, even as he steered the company as Chief Executive. 

He was responsible for putting in place a highly scalable and robust architecture and infrastructure empowering rednano.sg, Singapore Press Holdings' mobile search and directory application, to provide award-winning services. Chris’ latest venture is Sentient.io, an AI-as-a-Service platform for software developers and enterprises. 

Chris is passionate about AI, cloud computing, and search technologies. He is currently designing and architecting real-time analytics, AI, and data streaming applications that live natively in the cloud. 

He is an active participant in online social networks, blogs frequently about topics ranging from technology to photography, and continues to do software coding.