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Earth Friendly metal coatings for devices

1-Apr-2016 (Fri)

The new material avoids the creation of toxic waste, says SimTech's Dr Wu.

Singapore-based Nico Steel Solutions, a full-service Metallurgical Solutions Centre which has a factory in Suzhou China, was looking for more environment-friendly processes in the face of ever tightening controls over the discharge of liquids used for metal plating.

It collaborated with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to develop a new material that will make for more environmentally friendly metal coatings for electronic devices. The coating is made of inorganic and organic substances, is scratch resistant, repel water, and any unused portion of the material will form a non-toxic solid crystal that can be disposed easily.

Exploit Technologies, A*STAR’s commercialisation arm, facilitated the tie-up and provided the license to Nico Steel Solutions.  The new material is currently being fine-tuned and is expected to hit the market by mid of 2017.

Information extracted from coverage on The Straits Times, 1 April 2016