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Easing the passage to market

Easing the passage to market

13-Jan-2016 (Wed)

Founders of D-SIMlab Technologies (from left) Dr Julka, Dr Lendermann and Mr Gan. ST Photo: Alicia Chan

D-Simlab Technologies were created in 2007 and incubated for 18 months by ETPL. The 3 founders were A*STAR researchers and part of a team looking at discrete event stimulation which is basically software analytics that help companies manage production.

D-Simlab Technologies offer simulation-based software that helps companies make decisions in their resource and operations management.


A*STAR assisted this spin-off by providing them with an office and convertible loans in which the loans were converted into shares in D-Simlab once the start-up started to show results. The founders also felt that they do not need to worry about down payment for the rights and difficulties negotiating for rights extension.


In addition, A*STAR also provided D-SimLab access to people such as private investors and chief science officers of blue chip companies that were instrumental in the company’s development and growth.

Information extracted from coverage on The Straits Times under SME Spotlight, 13 Jan 2016