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ETPL assisted to brew over 60 product ideas

ETPL assisted to brew over 60 product ideas

3-Feb-2016 (Wed)

ETPL helped generate over 60 product ideas and concepts through a platform it started in 2014 when they saw a need to boost collaboration between scientists and industry.

Their first “ideation platform”, a two-day brainstorming and pitching session was themed “Brewing Wearable”. Scientists from two A*STAR research institutes met people ranging from private companies, investment funds and institutes of higher learning.

They showcased their technologies to other participants and formed teams to brainstorm ideas on how to use the innovations to solve real-world problems through wearable devices. Each team identifies a target industry and market segment for each technology and develop a minimum viable product in a day. They will then pitch their product to a team of venture capitalists to validate and develop their solutions further.

The event has generated many business leads, investor inquiries and requests for samples and has since become an annual programme spanning 6 months, with each programme revolving around a different theme.

Information extracted from coverage on The Straits Times, 03 February 2016