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Invitrocue takes tech licensed from A*STAR to market

3-Feb-2016 (Wed)

Dr Fang (left), executive director of InvitroCue, with the firm's scientific mentor and adviser, Prof Yu. Many of the technologies InvitroCue is commercialising were developed by Prof Yu and his team.PHOTO: DIOS VINCOY JR FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

A*STAR spin-off Invitrocue, founded in 2012, made its debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: IVQ) on Jan 27 2016, – just four years after its founding. 

Invitrocue currently offers two classes of technology.  The first is in the space of in-vitro testing where a humanised liver model is used to test out different vaccines, drugs and medical devices.   The other is Digital Pathology, using feature extraction and machine learning algorithms to obtain consistent readouts and minimize inter-observer variations to expedite preclinical research outcome.

The research, in collaboration with A*STAR, NUS and MIT in USA, took six to seven years to develop and eventually commercialise.  Exploit Technologies, A*STAR’s commercialisation arm, was integral in the development of these technologies where it gap funded and incubated the technologies in the early days with no strings attached.  This flexibility in the funding allowed the founders to take risks as the company didn’t have to bear a huge research and development burden.

InvitroCue is currently building a laboratory in Suzhou Industrial Park in China, as part of its strategic investment plans for China – to meet the current and future growth of drug development in China. InvitroCue China will provide full-service offerings in cell-based assaying services, which include custom tissue development service, in-vitro toxicology and in-vitro skin and cosmetic product safety testings. With these capabilities, the Suzhou laboratory facility will be able to support multinational companies in developing and testing new drugs and cosmetics products.

Information extracted from coverage on The Straits Times under SME Spotlight, 27 Jan 2016 and biotechin.asia, 14 March 2016