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Rest easy with vital signs monitor that you can sleep on

20-Jan-2016 (Wed)

The co-founders of Juvo Labs, Mr Mah (standing) and Mr Tan. ST Photo: Neo Xiaobin

Juvo Labs - a young start-up made up of 5 individuals with backgrounds in engineering and computer science, created a sleep and vitals monitor.  This device can analyse the quality of sleep, is un-obtrusive as the product goes under the mattress, connects to Wi-Fi and is easy to use.

It was a chance meeting at ETPL’s Media Exploits that Juvo Labs co-founder - Toi Ngee discovered this sensor technology by A*STAR. The team has always been interested in tracking vitals, thus subsequently, they licensed the technology from ETPL - A*STAR’s commercialisation arm.


The A*STAR technology is a sensitive sensor that is able to sense changes in breathing and heart rates. The team at Juvo Labs then worked on the design to make it producible and developed an algorithm to determine the state of sleep.


Targeted at parents with newborns, people with elderly parents or grandparents or any individuals in general, they are also working with hospitals and nursing homes in Singapore to see how it can be best adapted for their needs.

Information extracted from coverage on The Straits Times under SME Spotlight, 20 Jan 2016