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Tech-driven social innovation on the rise

2-Jul-2016 (Sat)


The World Summit Award South East Asia (WSA-SEA) makes its inaugural launch in Singapore this year. This two-day event focuses on the excellence in ICT innovation in South East Asia for Sustainable Social Change with an emphasis of showcasing and introducing South East Asian digital innovation to a global audience.

Operating within the UN framework, WSA-SEA looks at maximising the regions’s technopreneurs and enterprises’ potential in developing ICT solutions from a global perspective. Through WSA-SEA, Digital Innovators was given the chance to put their products on a global stage, reaching out to potential investors, veteran national experts and governments across more than 168 countries.

Themed “Social Impact through Digital Innovations” this year, the WSA-SEA searched for the crème de la crème of digital innovations that can create sustainable social impact by enabling the society at large through e-content and technology.

Neeuro, a local company that makes tech wearables, emerged as overall champion among the winners of the various categories of the World Summit Awards (South-east Asia). Their products are gadgets that incorporate elements of game playing – point scoring, competition against others following the rules of play. The games are created to aid in slowing down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. The WSA-SEA judges were impressed with its “innovative, practical” solution which addresses the mental health of an ageing population and they are replicable even outside of Singapore.


Information extracted from coverage on The Business Times, 02 July 2016.