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OmniMethodology.pngWith the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing sector seeking to raise their productivity and capability, A*STAR Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) and Workforce Development Agency (WDA) embarked on a joint initiative to launch the new and enhanced Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) SME Manufacturing Excellence (S.M.E.) programme
The programme aims to help managers in SMEs embark on productivity and innovation driven growth. In addition to undergoing classroom training, trainees will have the opportunity to apply the OmniMethodologyTM to address specific operational challenges in their companies.  
OmniMethodologyTM allows us to have a clearer picture of our company competitive strategy, and the systematic tools and techniques are effective for us to see the gaps between us and our customers and competitors. This enables us to identify areas of improvement so that we can focus and gear our resources and activities to support our competitive strategy.  
- Chew Chin Seong (Maha Chemical)  
This OmniMethodologyTM is very complete in that it covers strategy, operations, productivity, technology, and innovation, which can improve and add value to our company’s overall business strategy and direction.
- Nicholas Ngam (LHT/KHL)  
The OmniMethodologyTM is very good because it provides a holistic approach to improve productivity. Instead of jumping into areas to improve, we are able to determine if the improvements are aligned to the business strategy and objectives. The methodology is unique and easy to understand and apply.
- Alvin Foo (Mentor Media)  
OmniMethodologyTM, developed by SIMTech based on R&D, is a systematic approach to ensure effective and efficient operations improvement through deploying the right operations management techniques and technologies.

To-date, ETPL, the marketing and commercialisation arm of A*STAR, has licensed over 50 end user licenses to companies from various industries of the manufacturing sector like Medical, Plastic, Metal, Oil & Gas, Paper, Chemicals, Marine, Semi-Conductor etc. who have participated and gained from the funded S.M.E. programme.  
To find out more about the funded S.M.E. programme or the OmniMethodologyTM, please write to ETPL at tech-offer@etpl.sg.