Research Focus and Capabilities

A*STAR provides the ideal environment to push the frontiers of science and engage in world-class research that will benefit the Singapore economy and society at large. Scientists can exploit a world-class research infrastructure at Biopolis and Fusionopolis, the twin biomedical sciences and physical sciences & engineering research hubs at one-north that provide a conducive environment in which to live, work, play and learn.  

Each of A*STAR’s research units has a particular research focus geared towards producing economic outcomes for Singapore. They are supported by the Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) and Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC), which chart the research directions of A*STAR and spearhead it for success.  

Research Focus

Research Focus
The Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) oversees several research institutes (RIs) and research units that serve to support key industry clusters in Biomedical Sciences such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and healthcare services.  

The BMRC research institutes focus on building up core biomedical capabilities in the areas of bioprocessing; chemical synthesis; genomics and proteomics; molecular and cell biology; bioengineering and nanotechnology; and computational biology.

The Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) manages numerous research institutes (RIs) and state-of-the art centres and facilities with core competencies in a wide range of fields including communications, data storage, materials, chemicals, computational sciences, microelectronics, process manufacturing and metrology, to tackle global technological challenges and create future industries.


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