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A hallmark of A*StartCentral is its network of strategic partners that it brings together in one location. Its community is powered by


·      domain mentors who are able to provide advice on topics such as regulatory issues, IP, and business matters.

·    corporate partners who are committed to nurturing and investing in talent, working together to identify potential technology adoption areas, and based on the “market pull” factor, bridge technology gaps through our funding mechanism to scale up technology readiness for commercial adoption.

 ·    investors who have strong industry connections, and provide valuable access to mentorship, funding, and business networks.

Some examples of such partnerships include:

MoU between ETPL and SGX

The SGX-ETPL MoU sought to identify and assist startups and SMEs tap on innovative technologies and capital more efficiently, and to accelerate business growth and Singapore’s economic transformation for the future.  

The collaboration between ETPL and SGX will help to grow and strengthen Singapore’s positioning as an innovative technology hub as companies raise private and public capital, gain access to A*STAR technologies and in turn, anchor their key operations in Singapore.

Venture Co-Creation with a Corporate Venture

To help translate ideas into ventures, ETPL is pleased to introduce the new initiative called venture co-creation (VCC). Under this framework, ETPL will bring in private sectors partners to act as venture creators, to co-create deep tech startups.

What makes it different from the usual VC or incubator approach, is that venture creators are more involved in the venture creation process. Venture creators can take an active role to create new start-ups, by identifying and matching business opportunities and ideas with a team of suitable entrepreneurs – a role often performed by entrepreneurs themselves.

With existing start-ups, they take a more hands-on approach to guide entrepreneurs through mentorship, business development advice, funds injection, as well as introduction to investor and client networks. More importantly, they help to open doors for ventures to enter regional and global markets. By working with these partners, our start-ups can gain access to regional and global markets. Under this partnership, A*STAR will provide intellectual property and technology development capabilities, to accelerate commercialization of key technology sectors including artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, advanced material research, as well as supply chain and logistics optimization.

For interest in joining VCC or any other enquiries, please email tech-offer@etpl.sg .