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Company A - D


18 Degrees Lab Pte Ltd

Specializing in 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) technology using mobile devices as authentication factors, 18 Degrees Lab was founded in August 2014 in Singapore by a team of researchers with a firm belief in online security and privacy. 18 Degrees Lab aims to equip end users with the most secure, user-friendly and cost-effective 2FA solution available.


9 Degrees Freedom

9 Degrees Freedom is an A*STAR spin-off founded in February 2012 by the duo of a local entrepreneur and researcher with a passion for innovative lifestyle sports technologies.


ACM Biolabs

The synthetic biology company based locally specializes in providing customized membrane protein products, services and expertise for drug discovery, diagnostics, and biomedical applications. ACM Biolabs is backed by an international team of scientists with diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds in synthetic chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, cell signaling, and immunology.



Adigenics specializes in adipose tissue and adipose stem cell banking, with a commitment to providing a storage platform that is high-quality, reliable, and delivered to meet individual customers' needs. The company aims to become a leading resource centre in promoting the value of personalized adipose tissue and its derived products.


Advent Access

Advent Access is a medical device startup pioneering innovations to preserve vascular access, improve quality of life and reduce overall cost of hemodialysis for kidney failure patients in Asia and across the world.

Aksaas Pte Ltd

The first target market is Intellectual Property IP Management. The company provides customised serviced systems to IP law firms and technology transfer offices, based on its business solution platform to manage workflow, accounting documents and contacts. Aksaas has launched LIVESME, to move into its second market in office automation. LIVESME is an affordable business platform that targets at SMEs to jump start their business operation. LIVESME improves productivity by automating your operations from payroll to customer orders.


Algo Access

Assisting businesses to succeed, Algo Access has a passion for building intelligent applications. Delivering solutions as cloud-based services, the company helps its customers in automating services.


AMI HealthTech

AMI HealthTech is a spin-off from A*STAR providing clinically validated cloud based medical data-management and information sharing solutions, designed for clinicians in collaboration with clinicians. Addressing unmet needs, the company's solutions have elicited interests from Asia-Pacific based hospitals and health care institutions.




Ampotech is a Singapore-based company launched in 2015 that develops both hardware and software focusing on managing energy for the building industry. The company has developed patent-pending technology for energy monitoring down to the circuit level over the cloud, with easy non-invasive installation.


ASTrio Pte Ltd

ASTrio is an industry IT solutions provider specializing in design and development of supervisory control, real-time networked control and optimization and information integration systems in various industrial sectors.


Atentiv Therapeutics Inc

Atentiv is a US based company focused on providing children, adults and educators with personalized educational digital learning tools to significantly improve personal productivity in the home, classroom, work and life. The Atentiv™ System platform enables the capture and use of precise measurements of cognitive levels using a non invasive direct brain-to-computer interface (BCI) technology. Product applications can be experienced by multiple participants with access to a client (Windows, MAC, tablet or mobile), an internet connection and a customized head band sold by Atentiv. The core technology of the Atentiv™ System was developed by researchers at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) of A*star and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore


Baldr Biosystems

The company was set up by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) of A*Star for a portable system that provides laboratory-quality testing for the developing market. The Virtual Reaction Chamber (VRC) is a compact, low-cost, portable and highly accurate pathogen detection device that has been industry validated and coupled with a novel low powered thermal management system. Only 10W of power is needed to perform quantitative, real-time, reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and as little as 2W for isothermal amplification protocols. 


BuzzCity Pte Ltd

BuzzCity is a global advertising network reaching millions of consumers on mobile platforms and having the ability to shape the insights gathered in the process into mobile/internet marketing strategies. These services are delivered using text messaging (SMS) in 40 countries, by advanced technologies such as GPRS, WAP and MMS. The company’s product, myGamma, is an international wireless networking community with paid membership. myGamma provides many avenues for members to interact, broaden their social circles and maintain their mobility. It also provides merchants with a unified platform for content owners and providers to sell their online merchandise.


Capax Communications

Capax Communications is a Singapore-based company that specializes in mobile cellular, radiotelephony and other wireless telecommunications technology and activities.

Cellsievo Pte Ltd

Cellsievo was founded in 2011 by a team of researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) of A*STAR. The company provides products and solutions for non-invasive cancer diagnostics by utilizing circulating tumor cells in human blood as a biomarker. The cancer cells can be captured on top of a smooth microsieve surface that simplifies the process of cancer cell identification and avoids damaging them during cell retrieval for downstream analyses.

Clearbridge VitalSigns

Clearbridge VitalSigns is a company specialising in human vital signs monitoring (ECG heart monitor). Funded by A*STAR, the company has developed a low-powered, fully-integrated, seven-day continuous, ECG recording device. The innovative product is lightweight and can be used by professional athletes who undergo strenuous physical training, in addition to easing the discomfort of patients with heart problems caused by current cardiac monitoring devices.


Common Town Pte Ltd

The company provides an array of service from portal solutions, e-learning solutions, e-community services and content management system. It is able to provide customized solutions from concept development and graphic design, to a fully secure and functional web implementation.


Curiox Biosystems Pte Ltd

Curiox Biosystems is a bioinstrumentation company enabling the miniaturization of heterogeneous bioassay for researchers working in life sciences, drug discovery, and diagnostics.


Delta Optics Technologies Pte Ltd

Delta Optics Technologies is a company spun off from Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) to better support the optical & molding industries with states-of-the-art technologies. The company focuses on ultra-precision machining of optical mold inserts for injection molding of plastic lenses and prototyping of plastic lenses, lenses/mirror of soft and hard material and surfaces with micro features.


Digital Surgicals

Digital Surgicals is an up-and-coming medical product innovation start-up aiding surgeons in the simulation of real life surgical scenarios of various anastomosis in naturally occurring anatomical orientations through the Microtrainer Platform.


Dimension 5 Tech

Dimension 5 Technologies develops "mixed reality" products, blending the physical world with virtual reality, to help with visualizing interior design. Based in Singapore, Dimension 5 Technologies is at the forefront of the new foray into mixed reality and the practical applications of this growing area of technology.


Company E - K


EDS Lab Pte Ltd

Incorporated in 2005, Ed Lab provides various handware and software technologies associated wireless digital consumer devices. The company’s core technology was developed at the Data Storage Institute (DSI) of A*STAR and enables an exciting wireless digital space for multi-sharing to any CE devices and PC/Laptops on any operating system. The company’s first commercial product is the WiDRIVE. The product is a miniature computer build in with microprocessor, SDRAM, flash and 1.8 Hard Disk Drive that can be simultaneously accessed by multiple users and connects different type of Wi-Fi enabled devices available in current consumer electronics market.


Envichem Technologies Pte Ltd

Founded in 2012, Envichem Technologies, a spin-off from A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech), is an environmental engineering firm based locally providing industrial waste recycling and treatment solutions for heavy industries.



Empowering fashion companies with state-of-the-art capabilities, the technology enabler for the fashion industry provides high quality, easy-to use and value adding 3D visualisation services.


Corporate Video:

HanGenix Solutions, Inc.

HanGenix Solutions is a technology company focused on improving compliance to protocols and operational efficiencies for its clients through the use of patented ultrasound technology, robust data, process improvement, and education. In the healthcare industry, HanGenix has been able to improve hand hygiene compliance by creating unique patient protection zones and providing audible reminders prior to breaking compliance, while also generating time and motion data used to support Lean/Six Sigma process improvement. Long term plans include expanding applications to virtually any industry where compliance to protocols or process improvement is imperative to success.


Hexalotus Pte Ltd

Hexalotus is a 3D image processing company that converts 2D images from CT scans and MRI’s into 3D models. The company makes use of the automated image segmentation and analysis tools provided by A*Star and seeks to be the marker leader in 3D image processing.


HistoIndex Pte Ltd

HistoIndex is a technology that achieves better spatial resolution and higher sensitivity than traditional chemical-histology staining method for collagen in extracellular matrix (ECM). An algorithm has also been developed to accurately quantify the amount of collagen. Using HistoIndex, the progression of liver fibrosis could be successfully monitored in rat models.


i-DNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd

i-DNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd is a life science product and service company focused on the South East Asian market . The company has established i-DNA brand of life science research products, which is categorized into different research applications and areas to cover a wide range of research activities.


I3 Precision

I3 Precision was jointly set up by researchers at the A*star joint-lab with University of Illinois, the Advanced Digital Sciences Centre (ADSC) with investors to address safety and productivity issues in the healthcare industry. Their novel Medication Tracking System (MTS) enables accurate identification of medication via application of imaging technologies for safe management from hospitals to homes. The system can be used when preparing and dispensing medication in the wards, and also for patients who need to consume medication at home. Currently, devices like medicine carts and pill boxes depend heavily on the healthcare workers and patients themselves to ensure safety in dispensing. MTS is intuitive and healthcare users can now have another layer of safety check in daily operations, thus complementing or bypass existing technologies like barcode and RFID.



ICognitive is a consulting and research company specializing in supply chain management The company offers a range of tailor made services including consultancy benchmarking, advanced operational benchmarking , corporate education and IT solutions.


iDimension Systems

iDimension systems is an e-manufacturing solutions provider that assists companies in optimizing the usage of production assets. It helps its customers to implement integrated production management systems that links to process control equipments and devices, as well as enterprise resource planning and supply chain management solutions.



Founded by industry leaders and technologists, Singapore-based company IGSS GaN Pte Ltd specializes in the semiconductor segment and has a core team made up of experts with ample hands-on experience in Gallum Nitride-on-Silcon technology and manufacturing. IGSS GaN has exclusively licensed its technology from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) a research institute of A*STAR, through ETPL.



InvitroCue, a spin-off from A*STAR, provides innovative products and services related to in vitro DMPK, in vitro toxicology and digital pathology utilizing cell-based models and image analytics. The company’s technologies have been developed and validated with leading pharmaceutical companies and scientific collaborators, such as A*STAR, National University of Singapore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and renowned pathologists.


iRAD Solutions Pte Ltd

Innovative Radiology Solutions is a spin off from the Biomedical lab of A*Star. The company offers innovative computer assisted diagnosis and reporting solutions for radiology and medial image management. In addition, it also offers various solutions for educational purposes like lecture capturing and learning management system, atlas based anatomy education tools and cloud based multimedia radiology education tools.


iTwin Pte Ltd

iTwin is a novel consumer device that makes data access simple and safe. Comprising two identical parts called ‘Twins', iTwin connects two computers by plugging a Twin into each. Once connected, each computer can then remotely access data on the other one.



Justgola (Fiuzu) is an Singapore-based online startup whose award-winning app creates a personalized journey for travellers on both business and leisure trips, with service in a range of destinations across Asia. The startup aims to create personalized journeys based on a traveller's time constraints, budget and interests, using data analytics.


Juvo Labs

Juvo Labs is an Internet of Things company that focuses on creating technology to engage and care for customers' loved ones. Using patented sensors interconnected with passive optical technology to monitor sleep and vitals, Juvo Labs assists to track and manage sleep with the aim of creating optimised sleep patterns for better quality of life.


Knorex Pte Ltd

Knorex, spun-off from Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) is a software development company that employs Semantic Technologies to enable data aggregation, integration of a wide range of structured, semi-structured or even unstructured heterogeneous data sources to expedite knowledge discovery and application.


Company M - S


MerLion Pharma

MerLion Pharma is a leading natural product based research and development company headquartered in Singapore, with clinical development operations based in Berlin, Germany. The company is organised into two key business units, MerLion Research and MerLion Development.


Micropoint Technologies Pte Ltd

Micropoint Technologies is a technology-driven company incorporated in 2008 to commercialize micro needle technology, which can be used in biomedical applications such as transdermal drug delivery, body fluid extraction and skin penetration detection.



MiRXES is a spin-off of A*Star's Bioprocessing Technology Institute, developing microRNA (miRNA) technologies and tools in the area of miRNA research and development.

Using only a few drops of blood, a diagnostic kit developed by MiRXES can detect gastric cancer in just a few hours. This innovative technology using miRNA is totally non-invasive compared to endoscopy and biopsy, the current methods of diagnosing gastric cancer. The test will be launched in hospitals following regulatory approval. Other techniques using microRNA being researched by MiRXES may be used to diagnose other forms of cancer.


Molecular Connections Pte Ltd

MC is a dry lab solutions provider for drug discovery process that offers biology research and discovery services to companies. It uses I2R text-mining technology for bio-medical informatics & drug discovery companies to reduce the discovery cycle time and minimize the resources spent on drug discovery. The company’s proprietary protein interaction database, NetPro, contains 115,000 interactions from more than 36,000 literature articles and highly granular contextual data on nature of interaction, pathways, diseases, location etc. that seeks to bring down the time and cost of target discovery cycles considerably.


MP4sls Pte Ltd

MP4sls is a A*Star spinoff committed to reshaping music delivery by making digital audio more enriching and satisfying experience for the end-user. The OraStream technology used by the company accomplishes the goal of making digital audio available in a highly efficient manner that restores full-range fidelity, offering unprecedented value and appeal for listeners and digital music services alike.


Muvee Technologies Pte Ltd

Muvee is recognized as the pioneer and global leader in the field of automatic video production, winning accolades such as DigitalFocus Innovation Awards. The company has revolutionized the concept of PC video editing by radically simplifying the process and making it up to 1,000 times faster than any other technique. This opens the doors to effortless creation and sharing of multimedia content across consumer electronic devices.



Nanoveu is a leading provider of thin film based nano structures with the ability to shape vision when viewed through high resolution smart devices. Employing a patent pending process of manufacturing, the company’s first breakthrough product, EyeFly3D, delivers distortion free 2D/3D videos, photos and games on smartphones and tablets.


Network Genetics Pte Ltd

Network Genetics Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based infocomm company that hosts the country's first commercial TV white spaces (TVWS) geolocation database service, using technology licensed from A*Star's Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R). Network Genetics looks forward to leading the effort in promoting this technology along with partners both in Singapore and other countries in the region.


Neurostyle Pte Ltd

Neurostyle is dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing neurological and neuromuscular medical devices.


Niometrics Pte Ltd

Niometrics is a company focused on delivering innovative network-side security solutions through engineering excellence, with the goal of helping security-sensitive enterprises cope with the ever-evolving landscape of security risks.


One Biomed

A spin-off of A*STAR's Institute of Microelectronics (IME), One Biomed develops in vitro diagnostic platforms to address global health needs for decentralised, point-of-care (POC) diagnostic testing. The company's first flagship product is an affordable, simple and integrated diagnostic device that can quickly detect infectious diseases based on a unique silicon biophotonic technology platform.



Optic2Connect aims to be a global provider of innovative photonic design and simulation. The company strives for a close partnership with clients to achieve growth and to lead optical communication technology innovations. Designed to reduce product time to market and developmental costs, comprehensive solutions are provided to solve critical challenges for the photonics industry.


PathGEN Dx Pte Ltd

The company founded in 2011, is a spinoff company from the Genome Institute of Singapore of A*star. PathGEN Dx was established to address the need for improved and advanced medical diagnosis for the selection of better therapeutic options for patients. The patented gene chip platform PathGEN® PathChip , a proprietary technology of the company, has the ability to detect the presence of more than 70,000 viruses and bacteria from a wide variety of human samples. The PathGEN® PathChip Kit may be used in for a variety of purpose in private laboratories, research institutions, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies.


Pfliq Pte Ltd

Pfliq, a startup by a T3M trainee at Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd, spun-off utilizing Snap2tell technologies. Snap2Tell technology is an image recognition engine developed from A*Star’s at the Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R). Having this capability, the company can offer the capability to recognize images of scenes / objects without the need of labeling or putting barcodes on the Points of Interest (POI), and then associate it with relevant information. Its small code footprint enables this technology to be implemented into mobile devices, from ultra-mobile computers (UMPC) to regular mobile phones with cameras.


Pro-Thereupatics Pte Ltd

The company focuses on developing small therapeutic peptide drugs from animal toxins for oral delivery. One of Pro-therapeutics' advanced development product is Prohanin, an analgesic peptide derived from the venom of the King Cobra. Prohanin provides the same pain relieve as say moprhin but without any of the addictive side effect.

Rhapsody Biologics (S) Pte Ltd

Rhapsody Biologics (S) Pte Ltd has gone into the creation a versatile Personalized Peptide Vaccine (PPV) platform to predict and optimize peptide vaccines for use at an individual and population level. The portfolio of technologies is developed, by Prof Ren Ee Chee at the Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN) of A*Star.


SG Austria Pte Ltd

SG Austria is a life science service based company supported by A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI). The company specialises in the enclosure of living cells or bacteria in small capsules (encapsulation) for protection, isolation, storage and transportation. Based on a novel inert and biocompatible cellulose derivative, the technology can be applied to healthcare, biotechnology, probiotics, cosmetics and agriculture, environmental protection and monitoring, as well as forming the basis of a powerful research tool.


SG Molecular Diagnostics Pte Ltd

SG Molecular Diagnostics' core product Microkit, is a portable and automated device used to handle a wide variety of biological samples, including tissues and body fluids, and can perform automated gene extraction in just six minutes and gene detection within an hour.

SiMEMS Pte Ltd

The SiMEMS solution vastly reduces the sample, time and cost typically required for DNA analysis. The company’s products are targeted for Molecular diagnostics while striving low cost, point of care diagnostic projects based on its chip platforms. It provides Lab on A Chip products for researchers, clinical laboratories and biotech industries as everyday genomic tools.


Singular ID Pte Ltd

The company specializes in providing inexpensive, unique and non-reproducible monogenetic tags that can be used to safeguard customers' interests by providing integrated tagging solutions that protect people, brands, corporate images and market share.


Sinsa Labs

Sinsa Labs focuses on creating a new class of antibiotics and antifungals that kill bacteria and fungi quickly and at low concentrations, averting the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Sinsa's Spearhead Antibiotics exploits the difference between bacterial cell mebranes and mammalian cell membranes, creating antibiotics with a rapid kill time at any stage of bacterial growth, thereby averting the possibility of bacteria developing resistance.



SMC Biotechnology Inc

SMC Biotechnology Inc. (SMC Bio) is a spun off company from A*star’s Institute of Medical Biology in 2010 developing a proprietary class of therapeutic carbohydrate compounds known as GAGs. SMC Bio’s GAGs stimulate and augment the body’s own natural healing processes for bone, cartilage, skin, and multiple other tissues. The company’s core product is known as SMC -103 which has an enhancing effect on Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 (BMP-2) activity.



The company, a spin-off from the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), has pioneered a responsive soft-shell armour that hardens upon sudden impact. Unlike the rest of the impact protectors on the market, Sofshell’s flexible impact protection solution not only absorbs impact but dissipates force. Target markets are growing industries such as anti-ballistics, sports, elder care protection and sensitive equipment protection markets.


Spectral Reality

Spectral Reality developed an immersive new projection system at A*Star's Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R).

In 2015, Spectral Reality won the bronze award for Best Innovative Infocomm Product (Enterprise) from Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF)


Company T - Z


Tera-Barrier Films Pte Ltd

Tera-Barrier Films is a company manufacturing high moisture barrier films for the printed and flexible electronics industry.


Vdancer Pte Ltd

Vdancer Pte Ltd is a social mobile game studio developing VDancer, a new genre of mobile dance games. VDancer is built from state of art Dance!3D software technology licensed from A*Star. The 3D technology used in the game allows users to have bidirectional, live, and face to face dance interaction with a virtual character that dances in sync with music and responds to the user's actions. The dance experience is hence real time for any music type, unlike most other dance games that permit only pre recorded dance moves of the virtual dancer. The VDancer games are available in both iOS and Andriod platform.


Veredus Laboratories

Veredus Laboratories (Veredus), is a privately held life sciences company that develops, commercializes and manufactures diagnostic tools, that are marketed worldwide. The company offers highly sensitive and user-friendly molecular diagnostic tools that include gel based detection kits and the latest cutting edge Lab-on-Chip technology. These diagnostic tools can be used in field conditions as well as in medical labs & hospitals.


VeriStem Technologies Pte Ltd

VeriStem Technologies is dedicated to developing technology and processes to enable safe stem cell therapies and is positioned as a leading company in the stem cell industries transformation from research to clinical application. The company provides proprietary products and application support to developers of stem cell therapie. Utilizing proprietary platform technology discovered in A*Star’s Bioprocess Technology Institute (BTI), VeriStem provides a process capable of destroying unwanted cells to support stem cell therapeutic companies in meeting the demands of regulatory agencies for safe and effective cellular therapies.


Wet Alert

Wet Alert was established in February 2015 to commercialize sensor technology and system for diaper wetness monitoring developed at A*Star's Institue of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN). This system involves low-cost disposable sensors embedded in diapers and a wireless network that will alert caregivers of nursing home residents when it is time for a diaper change via a user-preferred interface, such as SMS.


WholeTree Technologies

WholeTree Technologies (WTT) is a leading voice-enabling technology and solutions provider in Singapore. Specializing in multi-lingual and multi-modal computing technologies (speech recognition, language processing, machine translation, voice data mining, unified messaging, etc) , the company enables businesses to communicate, transact, and provide customer service multi-modally and multi-nationally.



The innovative sustainable energy company incorporated in Singapore seeks a unique solution in cultivating offshore marine micro-algae for industrial scale production of protein meal and biofuel competitively. Oil, proteins and carbohydrates are extracted from the algae cells in the cultivation and harvesting of micro-algae.

http://www.wintershine.net/pg1.htm http://www.wintershine.net/pg1.htm

XID Technology

XID uses facial synthesis capabilities to enable unique media personalization applications. XID is pioneering the field of media personalization with a consumer focused, fully automatic replacement of faces in various media. Using XID’s products, consumers can insert their face into a game or video for a fully interactive personalized experience.


XYZ Wave

XYZ Wave is a start-up with the vision to design and develop gesture-based interaction solutions for the out-of-home (OOH) market. XYZ Wave leverages the creative use of 3-D gesture recognition, augmented Reality and video gaming technologies to help clients and partners to design and deliver immersive user experience that connect and engage their customers effectively.


ZWEEC Analytics

ZWEEC Analytics is a computer vision company providing systems and solutions for water security, sports safety and intelligent surveillance.