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A*StartCentral provides a broad spectrum of support and programs to empower its members by helping them de-risk the adoption of technology, and equip them with the skills to pivot their businesses to investors. These support and programs include: entrepreneurship and business planning workshops, start-up boot camps, business advisory clinics by legal and accounting firms, design ideation workshops to generate new innovative ideas and products, technical and product development workshops, business and fund-raising networking sessions.


A*PECSS is a volunteer society of A*STAR postdocs/scientists who focus on expanding the career development opportunities for A*STAR early career researchers (ECRs). This A*PECSS Tech Talk Series serves as a networking platform for our ECRs to obtain a better understanding of local market needs and economic directions from the industry. This also provides an opportunity for the ECRs to share with the SMEs and Start-up companies about A*STAR technological advances and product development. It is hoped that with these interactions, possible collaborations could be established in the future.


A*StartCentral collaborates regularly with its partners to provide regular Legal Clinics to provide guidance and advice to startups on the legal issues that may emerge in navigating the start-up ecosystem. The information given at these sessions shall be as a matter of guidance and comfort only and is not intended to replace, substitute or supplement legal advice and legal action that may be needed.


A*StartCentral Open House is held every Thursday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. This networking session is setup to facilitate and encourage regular exchanges between attendees ranging from start-up entrepreneurs, investors, corporate managers, business owners and researchers. There is no registration but plenty of wine and cheese. Do join us.


A*StartCentral also conducts or offers a slew of other programs. For example the Product Innovation Programs like IoT for Health; Entrepreneurship Development Programs like Founders Forum and Industry Workshops; Business Management Capability Building Programs like Business Model Canvas Workshop; and Fund-Raising Events like Investor Forums.

Please check out our Calendar of Events or email us at tech-offer@etpl.sg with your enquiries !